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You’re needed. Here’s why.

Friday, April 28th, 2006

If you’re responsible for the visual and user experience design of your institution’s web site or web services, and you’re having a low moment about your place in the universe, well, you’re needed. And here’s why: Because they research and dissect user needs, designers are in a unique position to define a problem through the […]

The long tail of the home page

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

The Long Tail is an economic concept popularized by Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson in which he argues that products with low sales volume can collectively make up a market share that rivals or exceeds that of the relatively fewer bestsellers. A key to the success of the the long tail business, however, is low […]

Generation HERE: Dodgeball, necking, and peerchasing

Friday, April 21st, 2006

Motorola has released Generation Here, a worldwide survey of third generation (3G) mobile phone use. 3G users were interviewed and observed in different cultures. The survey uncovered a “surprising” age range among users. One example cited is the Japanese grandparents who have two 3G phones, one for themselves and one for sharing videos and pictures […]

Social networking: not optional

Monday, April 17th, 2006

Digital marketing expert and Organic CEO Mark Kingdon believes that a social networking marketing strategy is no longer optional. It’s imperative, he writes in a new article for ClickZ, and he’s predicting (along with a growing chorus of other marketing types) that social networks are turning traditional marketing on it’s head. Here’s a Reader’s Digest […]

100 boxes

Friday, April 14th, 2006

Next time you have a design project, start out by drawing 100 boxes on a page and filling each with a new variation or a new thought about the starting idea. That’ll get you past the tripe and the crappy, and into the jucy center of something new. Graphic designer Jason Santa Maria (Happy Cog […]