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I can see clearly now

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

Ideo CEO Tim Brown provides a five-point plan on learning how to think like a designer. Although aimed at business leaders, there are aspects here of articulating marketing strategy and institutional philosophy that are applicable to higher ed institutions as well. People need to have a visceral understanding — an image in their minds — […]

Write for the searchers

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

When it comes to writing content for the web, one the constant challenges with higher ed sites, or large organization sites in general, is getting past the organizationspeak that often prevades the existing content and the way the university thinks and talks about itself. On top of that, you may have one or more supporters […]

I pod, you pod, we pod

Friday, June 17th, 2005

Last year Duke University made headlines when it gave iPods to all incoming freshmen. The official goal was to stimulate the use of technology on campus, but I would imagine that the opportunity to give Duke an extra boost in the “coolness” factor with students wasn’t lost on Duke officials. Duke has released a report, […]